Hands: Gift of a Generation

Hands: Gift of a Generation, organised by the Singapore Memory Project (SMP), showcases the memories of Singaporeans from all walks of life. More than 400 memories to celebrate the lives and experiences from nation-building years to recent times are featured. It is also a tribute to our early pioneers who have contributed to Singapore. These stories are drawn from the pool of memories that the SMP has captured and documented through road shows, interviews, campaigns and the singaporememory.sg portal since the project began in 2011. This exhibition, incorporating the imaginative use of digital technology and interactive installations, presents a novel and engaging way for both the young and old to experience the memories of Singapore.

Remembering Room

When you step into this room, a cloud of memories on a digital wall surrounds you. Tap on the stories to explore memories on various topics such as “Growing Up”, “Yesteryear” and “Food”. You too can contribute your memories to share on the digital display. A unique souvenir awaits you: a card that saves the memories you have contributed or the memories you’ve selected in the Remembering Room, and view them online via singaporememory.sg.


National Library Board Singapore


August 2013