NEWater Visitor Centre

The concept for the NEWater Visitor Centre (NVC) is built upon showcasing the evolution of NEWater to what it is today – a technology that has become ingrained in Singaporeans’ lives, it is a celebration of this water technology and management success borne out of an ingrained national anxiety for Singapore’s limited land area.

To showcase NEWater technology and to educate the public about the importance of using water wisely we have created a integrated and educational exhibition that caters to a wide spectrum of visitors.Using technology for both interaction and discovery, exhibits were specifically designed to foster learning through the use of multi-player games, digital content exploration and commitment pledges. Social media is an important component of the visitor experience as well. Visitors are prompted to make a pledge to conserve water and take a photo before leaving the gallery. Selected photos are then posted to PUB’s Facebook page for visitors to retrieve. The NEWater Visitor Centre is a multi-dimensional experience that works on multiple levels for a variety of visitor groups, educating the public on NEWater’s breakthrough technologies and the importance of water conservation and sustainability.


PUB Singapore


April 23, 2015