Singapore Air Force Museum

The Singapore Air Force Museum is a physical embodiment of the history, heritage and values of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). Since it opened in 1988, the museum has grown from strength to strength. Today, it stands in a new compound and creatively combines original artefacts and interactive media, providing an engaging hands-on experience that brings the RSAF story to life for people of all ages.

Our teams worked to create ‘edutaining’ exhibits and spaces that would show the public how the RSAF operates and showcase their latest 3G network operations, raising awareness about both the responsibilities and the cutting-edge technologies of the RSAF.

The primary aim of the museum’s refit was to inspire members of the young generation and make them to want to protect their nation. By creating multi-layer strategy games within the museum to ensure visitors are consistently interested and engaged and by focusing firmly on technology to keep the attention of the younger visitors.

Mix of modern and old

Complementing the historical artifacts around the museum is a new, high-tech interactive display table. Instead of just reading from a static display, visitors can use the table's massive touchscreen displays to drag and drop digital pictures of the RSAF's aircraft onto specific "drop zones" to learn more of their technical specifications and the history of RSAF.

An engaging experience

Visitors can enjoy a game showcasing the RSAF's aerobatics team - the Black Knights. By placing their palm on a sensor, visitors can "take control" of one of the Black Knights' aircraft and participate in manoeuvres with the rest of the team.


Republic of Singapore Air Force


April 23, 2015